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Practical Management Support

"In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield"

Warren Buffett US financier & investment businessman (1930 - )

With an accumulation of several decades of "hands on" experience in senior management in Tourism & Hospitality, David is well placed to assist you in creating a clear forward vision for your Business.  He has owned and run hotels, restaurants and bars from two to five star rating and latterly has managed one of Scotland's best Visitor Attractions.
Practical Management SupportStrategic Business Planning

Having written strategic plans for his own Hotels and for Visitor Attractions, David can help you develop a long term vision for your business.
Practical Management Support
Yield and Profit Management

With plenty of practical experience in developing profit margins we can help your business improve its financial performance.
Practical Management Support
Cost & Waste Control

Keeping on top of your operating and staffing costs is an essential (if unpopular) element to your success. We have first hand experience of this process and can often spot wasteful practices which could help you to make consequent savings.  When you are working so hard in your own business, it can be difficult to spot potential savings - we can help you.
Practical Management Support
Training and Development

Encouraging and developing people has been a key to David's success and he can show you how to do the same with your own people. This will help your staff to offer better service and will assist with their motivation and retention. We can also offer practical sales & marketing training for you and your people.
Practical Management Support
Credit and Risk Management

Watertight contracts, particularly for Wedding, Conference and Function business are essential if you want to be paid for all your hard work.  From our experience, most of these contracts are not "fit for purpose" but we can help to ensure that yours are.
Practical Management Support
Event Management

David has practical experience in organising major events large and small. Examples these include the G8 Ladies Summit, Musical Concerts, Festivals, Firework Displays, Sports Tournaments and Product Launches.  We can help you with yours.
Practical Management Support
Event Contracting

We have written and negotiated both simple and complex contracts for Events large and small. It is important to get these right at the beginning so that all parties are not exposed to risk - we can help you here.
Practical Management Support
Sub Contractors Management

Having been through the process of appointing contract Caterers on several occassions, we have a great deal of experience in this field. Some Caterers can offer quite complex and sometimes onerous contracts. We can give you practical advice in this area.
Practical Management Support
Project Management

David has throughout his career, been closely involved in the major rebuild and refitting of large hotels and with the help of grant funding, Project Managed the rebuilding of his own Hotel near Kinross. At Glamis Castle he was responsible for several major historical restoration projects. David has juggled several highly successful events and so has considerable practical experience to share.

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