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Hospitality and Tourism Law

This page is for all involved in the hospitality & tourism sector such as

  • Hoteliers
  • Restaurateurs
  • Bed and Breakfast Owners
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Publicans

If you are in this sector would you like help with the law affecting your industry?

Due to increasing regulations relating to the Hospitality and Tourism industry from not only the Westminster and the Scottish Parliaments but also from the European Union, tourists are more likely to resort to the courts to obtain redress. Constantly emerging legislation on employment rights, competition, licensing, planning & company organisation can become quite overwhelming for managers in this industry.

With litigation becoming more fashionable in society, you will need to know your rights and responsibilities in this area. In an industry which can be unforgiving if you end up with unfavourable PR, or worse paying out compensation and/or losing your clients/job it is important that, if in any doubt, you obtain the appropriate advice.  It'll be no good saying to the judge “I didnae ken” because he'll probably just say, “well ye ken noo heh?”.  Even if you are being harrassed by an irate client and are not sure whether you are right or wrong, remember to take appropriate legal advice first.

Services include general legal advice relating to:

  • Contracts (eg. employment, supplies, catering)
  • Health & safety
  • Licensing, environment law 

Please contact us with your enquiry.

Regular Blog posts on this subject at: http://adams-lawblog.blogspot.com

As an added bonus we have the privilege of being able to tap into the significant experience and knowledge of our consultant, Hospitality & Tourism Specialist David Adams, FIH, on aspects of hospitality & tourism law so you can be assured of the best advice available relating to that sector.

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